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December 31 Updates (12/31/2017)

By ceoff a - Posted Dec 31, 17

Hey MineSurge Players,

It's my pleasure to announce we've rolled out the first large server update.

In this update we've made changes to Factions, McMMO, and more.

Before that, we have some Player News:

  • Mieqy has been made Helper
  • iTzRoxas donated for Immortal
  • Mieqy donated for God and Immortal
  • Twenty1Pepes donated for Champion

Changes made to the Server in Today's Update:

  • /baltop has been added for all ranks
  • /f top has been implemented
  • Custom Enchantments Limit has been increased
  • More Vegatation has been added to shop (will be implemented soon)
  • The Enderdragon will now be reset bi-weekly
  • Mob Spawners no longer grant McMMO XP
  • You can now open chests in Enemy's claimed Territory
  • Other Minor Bugfixes

Thanks for your continued support. Discuss this update here

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