Name: Prototpye_626

Age: 17

Rank: Member

How long have you been playing Minecraft? About 5 years

How long have you been playing on MineSurge? about 1 week

Do you have any administration (forums, gameservers, etc.) experience? Yes, I have a lot of experience in the field of managing and helping to manage minecraft servers. Ive been admin and mod countless times on so many severs, and ive owned my own server 4 times.

Why would you make a good Helper? I would make a great helper because I am very skilled in the art of Minecraft, and the plugins it has to offer. Not only that but I'm also very skilled in building and coming up with fresh ideas to keep the players involved with the server. When i become staff on servers I become an important cog in the machine that is the Minecraft server. I'm also a people person and a very friendly guy, so communication with the players wont be an issue, I will make the players feel welcomed as if this servers community is a family away from their real family. I have a knack for knowing a servers potential and this server has loads of it, I feel like if i were to become staff i would only make the server better, and bring more players onto the server as regulars. Not only am i skilled in managing a Minecraft server but I'm also skilled in business (I took a class and my dad also studies it with me) and can help you make a good amount of income from your server. I was also an advertiser for a couple servers and a YouTube team, so i could definitely bring you guys more players, and altogether enhance the experience that is MineSurge. I hope you pick me as an addition to your staff, because i would love to be apart of the team, thank you for your time.